Sliding Door & Window Tips

Good new everyone! We have some tips and tricks just for you. On this page you can find everything you ever wanted to know about sliding doors and windows. We will tell you how to keep your sliding doors and windows in great condition and longer their life span. Sometimes replacing a sliding door or a window can be a expensive, we will teach you how to avoid to high costs. If your sliding doors are in really bad shape and there is nothing here that can help you, call us and we will send one of our professionals to fix your doors or windows today.

Keep Clean Tracks

Keep your sliding doors or windows clean at all times, put yourself a note to wipe off the tracks around your house at the least once a month.

Adjust Wheels

To the strong ones among you we recommend to adjust the rollers and wheels on your doors by removing the door from the track and adjusting the wheels.  

Don't Fight With Your Door!

Many people having the same issues with their sliding doors, if you couldn’t fix it yourself contact us today and we will send a professional your way today!

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