Sliding Glass Door Services in Davie, Florida

Is your sliding glass door having some issues? Don’t panic! Sliding Glass Door Repair Davie can be damaged and wear out over time by excessive usage, severe weather conditions, and lack of maintenance, the best thing is you always have a choice to get them fixed and get them back in working order.

If you’ve ever experienced parts of your sliding glass door being too damaged or worn to function properly, give us a call! We are here to help. Over the last many years, we have continuously provided sliding glass door repair and replacement services for commercial and residential customers throughout Davie, Florida, and its surrounding communities. With our remarkable and quality services, we have earned the trust of plenty of clients in Florida.

Experienced and Professional Staff & Technicians

We have professional, certified, and skilled staff who update their knowledge about the industry promptly. If you have any queries, our friendly staff is here to answer any of your questions about our company or our services. Whether your sliding door needs repair, replacement, or hurricane protection needs, we can provide it to you at prices that fit your budget.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Davie FL

Services We Offer

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Sliding Glass Door Repair and Replacement
  • Windows Installation and Repair
  • Windows and Doors Maintenance
  • Closet Doors Repair and Installation

Sliding Glass Door Repair and Replacement

We offer quality sliding glass door repair, installation, and maintenance services at competitive prices to our customers in Davie. Sliding glass doors stop functioning over time by usage, temperature extremes, and reduced maintenance; however, it’s not always necessary to install a brand-new one, and we can make the prompt repairs for you. With time, glass rollers and trackers become damaged due to debris. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the rollers are working fine, the glass panels are aligned, and the lock is set at its position.

Roller Repair

When it comes to repairing sliding doors, our technicians are some of the best in the field. If they find damage in the rollers, they can fix it quickly and efficiently. We have a large variety of rollers that fit almost any door and window. We offer replacement of rollers, properly aligning panels, and setting locks making sure that they are compliant with manufacturer specifications.

Track Replacement

If the track is damaged or worn out too severely, track replacement is the only solution, and you don’t need to go anywhere when we offer quality track replacement services for all types of sliding doors. Additionally, we also thoroughly inspect the locks and handles and other hardware for any additional damage that may be offering difficulty indoor’ movement. Our Davie clients deserve the best service possible, and that’s why they come to us.

Our Promise

We promise to provide our customers with the best possible service and an outstanding quality of work, we would love to hear from you and make you one of our satisfied customers.

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As can be seen, Smooth Sliders is your best source for any sliding door repair you might need. This includes sliding doors and windows. In either case, we provide cost-effective solutions and quick repair services.




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