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At Smooth Sliders, we have over ten years of experience as a window repair company. We have been fixing all types of windows, window tracks, locks and more. We are ready and equipped to repair your windows today. Smooth Sliders is a familyowned window repair company, and we have been serving our clients with excellent customer service for many years. If you need window repair services in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, give us a call at 954-818-9607 today! Learn more about the different types of windows we can install and repair below.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, so they open outward. This allows ventilation even during a light rain. Since these windows allow for ventilation, they are often used in a room where ventilation is needed. Awning windows are also sometimes referred to as crank windows because they are opened using a cranking mechanism. Awning windows are often smaller than many other types of windows, so they work well in small spaces. If you need awning window repair, Smooth Sliders can help you.

Single hung window

In a single hung window, you have an upper and lower sash just like a double hung window, but in a single hung window, you can only open the bottom panel of the window. The top panel is fixed in place and remains stationary. Single hung windows are becoming more common in new homes and offices because they look great, they are less likely to leak, and they are more affordable. Single hung windows are an excellent option for your home. If you need single hung window repair, you can call us at Smooth Sliders.

Double Hung Windows

Both double hung windows and single hung windows are vertical sliding windows. These windows also both have an upper and lower sash. With a double hung window, you can slide both sashes up and down, which is different from the single hung window. Double hung windows are very common because they have certain advantages. For example, double hung windows are easy to clean. Double hung windows have a tilt-in design that makes it very easy to  




clean the outside of the window from indoors.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are similar to awning windows, but casement windows have side-mounted hinges. This means that casement windows crank out to the side instead of up as awning windows do. Casement windows are also great for ventilation, and they have a crank and lever that holds them in place, so they aren’t blown open further by the wind. Casement windows are also a great option to give you an excellent view because they have few or no muntins (muntins are the strips of wood, vinyl, metal or fiberglass that divide window panels).

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Smooth sliders is a family owned and operated sliding doors and windows repair services located in south florida. Call us now to get your problem solved! 954-818-9607

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We aim to bring you the best repair services in south florida, with top notch customer service and all of our work is guaranteed. 10 years of experience!

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