Pocket Door Repair

Repairing a broken pocket door can be a hard, and messy task. most of pocket door repairs that are done even by professionals are still messy and usually will include breaking your wall. Smooth Sliders team of technicians have the experience, and the most advanced tools to repair your pocket doors without cutting off your wall, and without making any holes into your walls.

Making us the only pocket door repair company with mess-free solutions, provide with the best pocket door repair results. Pocket doors are easy to identify! A pocket door runs on a track into a pocket in your wall. We perfected and invented mess free methods to fix your pocket doors. We are operating in the Broward, West Palm and Dade counties since 2005, and we are equipped with all original parts and hardware.  It’s important to remember that our technicians are qualified to repair any issue you might have with your pocket door.

Our company’s reputation is based on our customer service. This is our pride and joy! Not just we will make sure that the job was done to the best possible result, but we also assure to answer any question you might have. In regards to customer service, we will also call you a couple of weeks after the job is done right, to make sure you are happy with our pocket door repair service.

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Pocket Door Repair

Pocket Door Repair

As a matter of fact, pocket door repair service is one of Smooth Sliders professional service on a daily basis.  Be that as it may say, we can solve any type of issues you might have with your pocket doors. Don't hesitate to call us today for a free estimate, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Servicing Local Pocket Door Customers

Smooth Sliders is a local pocket doors repair company, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As we are mobile service, we provide pocket door repair service, all over Broward, Dade and West Palm Beach Counties.

We Carry Original Parts and Hardware of Pocket Door

We carry all original parts and hardware to all different type of pocket doors, and sliding doors. This includes parts to sliding glass doors, impact doors, patio doors, and more.

All Residential Pocket Door Types

We can repair any type of pocket door in residential homes or even at your business. You might know that pocket door repair can be very tricky. But not just we repair pocket doors, but we also repair sliding glass doors, impact sliding doors, and sliding patio doors. Last but not least, we can do it all! Let Smooth Sliders fix your pocket door!

Call Our Mobile Team Specialist

Our mobile team of experts is ready to come to your home and repair your pocket door. For the purpose of perfectionism, our team has many years of experience with pocket door repair. Our extensive inventory allows us to complete most of pocket door repair on the spot. 

Pocket door - Same Day Service

We repair your sliding door on the same day and on the spot. With this intention, we can get your pocket doors running smoothly, and ASAP. 

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Take a peek to our latest jobs and to our satisfied customers results.

Our Reviews From Google

We had a sliding glass door that needed repaired. They were recommended to us from another company that did not do that type of work. They arrived the next day to fix the problem. Their customer service and professionalism was outstanding.
Randy Anderson
21:40 18 Nov 18
Excellent job! They did everything right. Order was correct and arrived quickly. Price was reasonable. Installation was done efficiently, on time, and perfectly. They were polite and left the workspace clean. Highly recommend.
Mike Rochip
15:58 30 Aug 18
They did a great job fixing my sliding glass door. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Arturo Ramos
14:37 24 Jul 18
Outstanding service! I had called to set up an appointment in advance and they were ready to come over even before I was ready for them. When they came out, they promised that I'd be able to get my door to stop sounding like grinding metal and be smooth enough that I can open/close with just one finger. They delivered on that promise and exceeded my expectations with how much time it would take and the quality of the final product. My door tracks look brand new! Thanks for the amazing service!
Derek Torrence
21:52 23 Jul 18
Incredible service. Easy, quick and a great staff. The doors slide with 1 finger, no bs. Thank you!
Christopher Savage
21:18 20 Jun 18
Fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future, without question. I have 2 sets of 12(+) year old large glass sliding doors that were difficult to open and close. I am happy to report that they are no longer an issue. Such courteous professionals that explain their services and how they will resolve the problem. Great Customer Service. I wish more businesses conducted themselves in this manner. Thank you so much.
charmaine mckittrick
01:30 20 Jun 18
Great work. Showed up exactly when they said they would. They adjusted some of my closet bi-fold doors and my back sliding glass door. All the doors work perfectly now. It was more expensive than I expected, but the work was done quickly and professionally.
Brian Peterson
11:56 18 Jun 18
Great prompt service! My doors would give me a bicep workout every time I tried to open them and just like they said it slides easily with one finger. They replaced rollers and track same day in and out within a hour. Highly recommended!!
Jonathan Stern
14:35 17 Jun 18
I can't say enough about Smooth Sliders! My sliding glass door broke on Easter Sunday so I wasn't expecting anyone to get back to me about fixing it until Monday. Nope. Heard from Smooth Sliders almost immediately and someone was out to fix my door the next morning. I was worried that I needed an entirely new door but Smooth Sliders was able to fix everything quickly and even identified other problems that needed to be addressed and fixed those, as well. My door is better than new. What great customer service and what a great company! Highly recommend!
Dara Schottenfeld
13:54 11 Apr 18
We have vacation house in Boca Raton and our patio starts to fail on us. It was very hard to open and close the door, so we called Smooth Sliders for help. Ben arrived with his team, he had everything in his van to fix the door. He replaced the rollers and the tracks because it was rusty. It was very hard job, but they could handle any task. In the end of service, we couldn't believe that we can open and close our patio door with only one finger. Thank you Ben and Smooth Sliders Team, you rock. If we have any problem with our patio door, we know who to call. We recommend Smooth Sliders to everyone.
Eran Yakar
03:55 14 Mar 18
Awesome job! Super happy with work done on my sliding glass door. Can actually open and close with one finger. Very professional and quick.
Nery Hernandez
23:48 05 Mar 18
I had 2 sliding glass doors that were barely moving. They showed up on time, replaced my rollers and did an excellent job. Now my doors move easier than ever! They open and close with a pinky! Great job!
Keith Sexton
23:10 04 Mar 18
Great service! Great price! Highly recommend ! I would definitely use them again. Thank you!
Orit pilo
16:27 03 Mar 18
Great service. Our first service was done by a very polite young man who rescreened our doors and serviced our sliding doors. Unfortunately, the ceiling over the sliders has settled and is rubbing the door. So there was no much he could do. A week later i got a call asking about our service call and i explained the situation. Even though i was satisfied, she insisted on sending another tech to look at it to see if he could get a better result. The second tech was also extremely polite and he actually adjusted the screen doors further and they run great now. The glass sliders still don't run easy, but they tried their best. I would recommend this company
Carolina Jones
00:07 27 Feb 18

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