Patio Door Repair

Patio doors repair is one of our most popular services. Using your patio doors is a crucial part of your living quality. Spending time outside in your patio should be a pleasure from beginning to end, especially in South Florida. If you live in Broward, West Palm or Miami Dade counties and your patio doors are hard to open or broken, you need to repair your patio doors.

It must be noted that Smooth Slider’s team of sliding door repair experts are mobile and ready to head your way and fix your patio doors. In addition, our mobile repair vehicles are equipped with state of the art tools and all original parts of patio doors. As well as sliding doors, French doors, and more. In the final analysis, our patio door repair experts will fix your patio door quickly and your doors will be easily open, closed, or locked.

We will make sure your patio doors are as good as new before we leave your home. As a matter of fact, we are repairing patio doors since 2005. There is no competition for our excellent customer service, not to mention the highest quality of work done. In a few words, we can repair any type of issue that you might have with your patio door,  on the same day, don’t hesitate to call us for help!

  • We can help you with any of your sliding doors and window repair needs.


Patio Door Repair


Patio Door Repair

Smooth Sliders top expertise is Patio Door Repair services!
We can repair any type of issues you might have with your impact doors or patio doors, call us today for a free estimate.

Servicing Local Patio Door Customers

We are a local patio doors repair company, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. However, we provide patio door and window repair service all over Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach Counties.

We Carry Original Parts and Hardware of Patio Door

Our mobile team carries all original parts to all the different types of patio doors, sliding glass doors, patio doors and more. In addition, our mobile technicians carry tracks, rollers, locks, glass, latches, and many more in our working vehicle.

All Residential Patio Door Type

We can repair any type of patio doors. Either residential homes or a business, we can help. To put it differently, patio doors repair can vary! With an intention to superior customer service, we repair sliding glass doors, impact sliding doors, sliding patio doors, specialty sliding doors and more. We can do it all, nonetheless, let Smooth Sliders fix your sliding doors!

Call Our Mobile Team Specialist

Our mobile team of experts is ready to come to your home and repair your patio doors. Our teams are experienced with many years of patio door repair. Smooth Slider’s teams are fully equipped with state of the art tools and all original parts of all the types and kinds of patio doors.

Patio door – Same Day Service

We repair your patio doors on the same day and get your patio doors running smoothly, ASAP. Needless to say that we have the manpower, the tools and the parts needed to fix your patio doors. Each and any of our mobile teams in around Broward, Dade And West Palm Beach counties is ready to assist you, at any time.

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Patio Doors & Sliding Doors Repair

As we see above, we repair any type of issues you might have with your sliding doors or patio doors, call us today for a free estimate. In fact,  Patio Door Repair services are Smooth Sliders top expertise. After all things considered, Smooth Sliders is a local patio and sliding doors repair company, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Not just we provide cleaning service for your sliding door tracks, but we also repair handles, cylinders, closers, locks, glass, latches, and more.

Struggling with your patio door?

You can count on us because we offer same day service for all type of interior and exterior doors. However, patio doors are an important part of your living quality, safety, and more. It must be remembered that we provide affordable patio door repair services for residential and commercial customers throughout Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. Smooth Sliders is here since 2005 with 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to repair your patio door, as well as balcony sliding doors, pocket doors, closet door, and more.

Roller Repair

Lock Repair

Broken Glass


smooth sliders

We Can Repair Any issue with your Patio Doors

Shattered Broken Glass

Door Won’t Open Smooth

Jammed or Broken Lock

Broken Closer

Bent or Broken Track

Broken Patio Door Rollers

Screen Door Repair

Smooth Sliders is your best choice when you need your patio or sliding doors fixed. If it’s for the quality of service or level of work, our great customers keep referring us their friends and loved ones. We provide same day patio door repair service in most cases. We can repair or replace almost every part on your patio door or sliding door on the spot. Our skilled staff will also offer a FREE checkup to all your windows and doors at home or office to make sure all is working properly and secured.

Is your sliding door off the track? The window is cracked? Can’t lock it properly?

we can repair or replace its parts for smooth and easy operation.

If your patio door or sliding door won’t open or close smoothly, it’s about time to call Smooth Sliders for help. We can renew your sliding glass door with a touch of our special state-of-the-art tools and equipment, involving replacing broken parts that make it open and close with just a touch!

Our professional mobile team makes your sliding door problem look easy. Our extensive inventory allows us to complete most sliding doors repairs on-the-spot.

We have been serving the South Florida area for a long time. Our service area covers you from Miami in the south, to Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

Please call us now for any emergency service or schedule appointment and get yourself out of the struggle. Smooth Sliders team is here, ready for your call.

Smooth Sliders is licensed, bonded, and insured to protect your property.

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We promise to provide our customers with the best possible service and an outstanding quality of work, we would love to hear from you and make you one of our satisfied customers.

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sliding door track repair sunrise floridaSmooth Sliders is your best source for any repair you might need for sliding doors and windows. We provide cost-effective solutions and quick repair services.

Serving Broward, West Palm Beach, and Dade County since 2005. 

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