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You’re welcomed to our website. If you are looking to repair your Bi-fold doors using the most professional doors and windows repair company in South Florida, you got to the right place. All of our mobile teams are ready to visit your home and get your Bi-Fold doors repaired for a fair and honest price.

BI-Fold closet doors are made with all kind of different types and styles; we can fix them all on the spot. We are at Smooth Slider’s mobile team, we are equipped with all the needed tools to repair or replace your Bi-fold closet doors and carry all original parts to all types of Bi-fold doors.

This is our business of professional sliding door repair since 2005. We serve South Florida areas, included but not limited to Broward, Dade and West Palm Beach Counties with excellent customer service and the most professional level of work. Not just we know that a broken Bi-fold Door can be a very frustrating and annoying issue to deal with, but you may know that when we are done with your Bi-Fold doors repair, we guarantee that your doors will function like new. We will also provide you with a 90 days satisfaction guaranty assuring the best quality of work.


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We Offer A Professional Bi-fold Door Repair

With a pride of professional sliding door service providers, we announce that Bi-fold Door Repair services are Smooth Sliders top expertise.
We can repair any type of issues you might have with your sliding doors or patio doors, call us today for a free estimate.

We Are Servicing Local Bi-fold Door Customers

Think about how great it is when you have Smooth Sliders, a local sliding doors repair company, especially when we’re located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, we provide sliding door and window repair service all over Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach Counties.

We Carry Original Parts and Hardware of Pocket Door

Our mobile teams use only original parts to all the different types of Bi-fold doors, sliding glass doors, impact doors, patio doors and more. We carry tracks, rollers, locks, glass, latches, and many more.

We Repair All Residential Bi-fold Types

Not just we can repair any type of Bi-fold doors in residential homes, but we can repair commercial sliding door also in your business. In general, Sliding Door repair can vary. But not just we repair sliding glass doors, and impact sliding doors, but we also repair sliding patio doors, specialty sliding doors, and more. We can do it all, let smooth sliders fix your sliding doors!

Call Our Mobile Team Specialist

You may know that our mobile team of experts is ready to come to your home and repair your Bi-fold door. Our teams are experienced with many years of Bi-fold door repair and are fully equipped with state of the art tools and all original parts of all the types and kinds of Bi-fold doors. 

We Offer Same Day Service of Bi-Fold Door Repair

As you already know, we offer to repair your Bi-fold doors on the same day. With this intention, we get your Bi-fold doors running smoothly ASAP. We have the manpower, the tools, and the parts needed to fix your Bi-fold doors. With each and any of our mobile teams in around Broward, Dade And West Palm Beach counties, we can visit you too. 

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We promise to provide our customers with the best possible service and an outstanding quality of work. In the long run, we would love to hear from you and make you one of our satisfied customers.

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Our Smooth Sliders team is your best source for any repair you might need for sliding doors and windows. We provide cost-effective solutions and quick repair services. With this in mind, we’re serving Broward, West Palm Beach, and Dade Counties, since 2005. 

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