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Sliding Door Repair Sunrise FL

Why am I Having Trouble Closing My Sliding Door?

Sliding glass doors can be both functional and beautiful. But all things come with their own set of issues and maintenance to keep them that way. There are various ways that a Balcony Sliding Door Repair can be worn and torn. That means it would need repairs or maintenance on them to keep them working.

The main issues seen for sliding door repair are broken rollers or track, as well as a stuck door (including pocket doors). A cracked sliding door track or broken glass sliding door can be a hard task. When the door keeps jumping off the track or getting stuck, it can be frustrating.

It can take a lot of work to keep the doors maintained. But most owners agree it is worth it!

When you need help with your sliding door, quickly, you need to make sure you hire a reliable sliding door company. Don’t end up paying someone a second time to fix the problem correctly. Smooth Sliders provides the best Balcony Sliding Door Repair in Sunrise FL, and much more.

Broken Sliding Door Tracks or Rollers

One of the main issues with a sliding door is a broken wheel or a damaged track. This can include rusted rollers or track, as well as an actual damaged path. Sometimes, we need a proper cleaning to the tracks. and even some lubrication. In some cases, it can be a combination of the two meaning that a dirty door track can lead to damage to the rollers.

Both can be cleaned and repaired with mobile services in the area. Keeping your track and rollers maintained can be a hassle-free. However, in the end, it can save you time and money. Using a silicone lubricant is best when lubricating the rollers. This lubricant is for both internal and external sliding doors. The tracks and rollers should be given a good thorough cleaning; at least once or twice a year depending on the weather.

Stuck Balcony Sliding Door Repair and Pocket Doors Repair

One of the most significant complaints that no one ever seems to have an answer for is a stuck Balcony Sliding Door Repair. A stuck door can be from various issues; sometimes it’s the rollers off the track, they need to be placed back on the path. And sometimes it possibly has the trackway cleaned or repaired, in order to slide it smoothly on the track. In other times, the trim on an external sliding door can be trimmed to the wrong length and can cause the door to stick. Or on the opposite end if it is cut too short, then it might not do its drive with keeping the home insulated. Though that’s only something, you have to worry about with external doors.

Pocket Door Repairs

A pocket door, meaning an internal door that slides into the wall to save space. Pocket doors, commonly have issues with sticking or the rollers or track breaking or catching. A sticking pocket door has a significant issue as you usually have to cut a chunk of the wall, in order to fix the problem. Some companies like Smooth Sliders have a way to repair a pocket door without damage to your walls. We also do repairs bi-fold, accordion, pet, patio, screen, and closet doors in South Florida.

Broken Tracks or Rollers

Pocket walls are notorious for having the walls holding the frame in the track. this is not stable because the walls are weaker for having the trackway installed.

While some see this as a downside, some contractors suggest beefing up the wall by making it thicker to help with the hallowed walls. Sometimes when doors are stuck, it can be because the lock is jammed.

Pocket doors come with just a latch lock on them. So it is not very odd for them to stick and need replacing more often.

Broken Window or Glass Door Repair

One of the more obvious issues that are easy to recognize is a broken or cracked piece of glass. Yes, a sliding glass door is easy to break. Sometimes, depending on the size and placement of the crack, it can be repaired instead of having the entire door replaced. Having it fixed instead of replaced saves both time and materials for the contractor and homeowner. We have a way to heal the crack if the damage is minimal. Though this issue is usually pronounced and depending on the weather, can cause problems with cooling or heating. The sooner this issue is resolved, the sooner you can save on your heating and cooling bill.

Jumping Off the Track

Going back to an issue I spoke of earlier, jumping off the track can be because of the track being dirty. Another problem is the rollers being old, rusty, or broken, as well if not being lubricated well. But in the actual instance of it continuously jumping off the trackway it sounds more like the track is broken. Therefore the door has more trouble staying on the track.

Sliding Door Repair Sunrise FL.

Track replacement is something that can be done remotely at your home and can even be done on the same day in some cases. It can be hard to figure out on your own if the track is: broken, just dirty, or the rollers bent. If you do need a new trackway that is still something that can be done by a mobile unit if they have the correct parts on hand. It’s also one of the jobs that can be completed the same day if they agree to the quote.

Why Choose Smooth Sliders?

While a lot of these jobs seem like they could be an easy fix for those who do it yourselves out there it is better to leave it to a professional. Many places will give free estimates; some will also come out the same day to take a look and try and repair it. Some repairs should only be for those with the tools and know-how for the Balcony Sliding Door Repair Sunrise area.

Pocket Door Repair Sunrise FL 33351

There are plenty of contractors to help with your questions and estimates, but Smooth Sliders is a reliable, well-reviewed, and helpful sliding door repair service in the Sunrise, FL area. Asking for an assessment takes nothing but some time. Especially if you did not install them initially or don’t have a lot of experience installing doors. Leaving it to those with the experience usually turns out best for all involved. Looking at previous projects and works will also give you an idea of the artistry involved and what you can expect.

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Some information about Sunrise, FL

Sunrise is a city in central-western Broward County, Florida, United States, in the Miami metropolitan area. It was incorporated in 1961 by Norman Johnson – a developer whose Upside-Down House attracted buyers to what was then a remote area. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 84,439. It is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,012,331 people at the 2010 census.

It has been reported that the community was to be named Sunset Village – but this did not occur because of objections from residents who felt that 'sunset' was too final. (Originally called 'Sunset,' the name did not sit well with the retirees whom developers wanted to attract, so a change was made to 'Sunrise.')

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