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Sliding Door Repair Golden Beach, FL 33160

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If you have sliding glass doors in your home, you understand how appealing and feasible they are. In FL, this sliding patio door provides a comprehensive view of the outside while allowing plenty of light to enter into the room. Despite their benefits, sliding glass doors can have several issues, such as broken glass, stiff rollers, and inefficient energy use.

There are numerous reasons why homeowners look for sliding glass door repair professionals near me in Golden Beach, FL.

Sometimes, it involves simply replacing some moving parts that wear and tear over time, such as rollers. If the door is too old to be repaired, it can sometimes be replaced with a new sliding patio door entirely by glass door repair experts in Miami-Dade County.

If you notice any of the below-mentioned signs, you should focus on sliding glass door repair in Miami-Dade County as part of your home maintenance routine.

Lock Repair Service

Sliding doors very often need handle, lock, and door mechanism repair services. Because sliding patio doors are used a lot, it’s common for the locks to occasionally jam or break. These locks are important for keeping your patio doors secured.

Don’t put your safety at risk by not having your sliding door lock working properly. Smooth Sliders technician can easily repair or replace the handle, lock, and hook bolt locking mechanisms. We can install or repair all lock types of all sliding door brands and models.

Our mobile technicians are fast, reliable, and professional. They have all the equipment they need to install or repair your locks quickly & correctly.

It’s important that you replace your lock if it’s not locking your sliding door. While you might think you need to replace your lock, it’s possible you just need to replace the hook bolt mechanism.

lock repair in golden beach
smooth sliders Sliding Door Repair

Impact Window Repair and Repair Sliding Glass Door Golden Beach FL< And Installation Services


In areas throughout South Florida, Fort Lauderdale included, impact doors can make or break the integrity of your home during hurricane season and other harsh weather conditions. Most often, they’re installed on homes that endure heavy winds and rain. Prepare for the 6-month-long hurricane season with brand-new impact doors. With our expertise and experience working in South Florida, no one else is better for the job at hand.

Pocket Door Repair Golden Beach, FL

As a matter of fact, pocket door repair service is one of Smooth Sliders professional services on a daily basis. Be that as it may, say, we can solve any type of issues you might have with your pocket doors. Don’t hesitate to call us today for a free estimate, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

glass Sliding Door Repair In Golden Beach
Sliding glass Door Repair Golden Beach

Is your sliding door running smoothly?


If you answered no, you might want to call us. Smooth Sliders offer same-day service for all types of interior and exterior sliding doors, whether it’s Sliding doors, Impact sliding door Repair, pocket doors Repair closet door Repair, and more.

Sliding Glass Door Repair and Install needs to be regularly maintained, cleaning your sliding door’s track from time to time can help your sliding doors to stay in good condition for a long time. If your sliding door is hard to open and you feel as if it weighs 500 Lb you should probably call smooth sliders.

When we say smooth we really mean it, when we finish a job we always perform a quality check, just to make sure your sliding door repair experience will be above and beyond, if we can open the sliding door with a touch of a finger we did our job right.


We Repair All Types Of Windows

At Smooth Sliders, we have over ten years of experience as a window repair company. We have been fixing all types of windows, window tracks, locks and more. We are ready and equipped to repair your windows today. Smooth Sliders is a family–owned window repair company, and we have been serving our clients with excellent customer service for many years. If you need window repair services in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, give us a call at 954-818-9607 today! Learn more about the different types of windows we can install and repair below.

window repair in golden beach
Sliding Door Repair Golden Beach fl

Sliding Door Service

Did you feel a pop as you open your sliding glass door, and the motion became less smooth? This is because the rollers have become dislodged from the door’s track.

This could be caused by faulty rollers or a warped, obstructed track. It could be as simple as an inspection or cleaning or entirely necessitating the sliding door repair or replacement.

Save Time & Money With Our Professionals From Smooth Sliders Inc In North Miami, FL

Smooth Sliders Inc offers sliding door repair services near me in Golden Beach, FL. We are ready to revamp your home with cost-effective sliding door repair or replacement.

Our team at Smooth Sliders Inc in FL is trained to handle the repair of sliding glass door locks and sliding door installation, including door replacements and repairs, lockout services, and much more.

You will be pleased with the result of our reasonably priced, high-quality sliding glass door repair and replacement services & with our excellent customer service in Miami-Dade County.

Whether you want assistance on sliding glass door locks repairs or sliding door installation in Golden Beach, FL, please visit our Smooth Sliders Inc or call us at 954-818-9607.

Some information about Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a town located in the northeast corner of Miami-Dade County, Florida, between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. As of the 2010 census, the town had a total population of 919.

Golden Beach is located at 25°57′54″N 80°07′21″W / 25.964869°N 80.122481°W. It is on the barrier island that separates the Intracoastal Waterway from the ocean; the entire town is about one mile from north to south and four blocks from east to west.

Golden Beach is known as a very upscale community, and many of its houses are worth over a million dollars. Several celebrities, including Bill Gates, maintain homes there. Eric Clapton’s album 461 Ocean Boulevard was named after the Golden Beach house at that address, a photo of which is also featured on the album cover.

The town is surrounded by the cities of Aventura to the west, Sunny Isles Beach to the south, and Hallandale Beach to the north. Another interesting note is that high-rise construction and commercial development are not permitted within the Town limits.

Learn more about Golden Beach.

Sliding Door Repair Services

We aim to bring you the best sliding door and windows repair services in South Florida, with top-notch customer service, and all of our work is guaranteed. with over 10 years of experience!

Smooth Sliders, Is your local sliding door repair and windows repair company we are your best choice for reliable service, prompt response, and low prices. We can repair or replace all your sliding doors and windows broken parts. We come to your house and provide effective solutions for all of your sliding door and window problems.

Call us today to get your problem solved!

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