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If you need a sliding door repair service, contact us here for any sliding door repair service, questions or comments you may have about our products or customer support. In addition, you also can call us at (954) 818-9607 for a faster communication.

All things considered to provide you with a top notch customer service, and the best smooth sliding door result. You may notice in the final analysis that we are the best sliding door company you dealt with in South Florida. Yes, we are a top rated sliding door repair in South Florida. Don’t take our word, simply check our online reputation.


Our Sliding Door Repair Services

When you need to repair an external sliding door, you need a top-notch sliding glass door repair service. From time to time, you also may need just a ritual maintenance in order to keep your sliding door run smoothly. Call us as soon as possible for a free estimate.

a pocket door repair can be a hard task, especially when you need to replace tracks or rollers. This is because a pocket door is sliding inside the wall. Sooner or later, you may need to service your pocket door, so don’t hesitate to call us and have peace of mind that the job done right.

When your closet door doesn’t run smoothly, it can be very annoying. Don’t let your pocket door to ruin your day, simply call us to evaluate the problem and furnish you with an affordable price to repair your closet door.

A bi-fold door looks like an accordion. The door is open an close reminding us of the shape of an accordion. Whenever your bi-fold door cause problems, call us without delay and we will send one of our highly skilled bi-fold door experts to help you without delay.

A storm door and windows are known as impact doors & windows. These are very heavy doors and windows that should protect your home from hurricanes. When you need to install impact door or window call the best company in South Florida which is Smooth Sliders. Contact Sliding Doors Repair at Smooth Sliders now to discuss your impact door and window needs.


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Smooth Sliders is your best source for repair or replacement of all your sliding doors and windows. It must be remembered that we provide cost-effective solutions for eliminating your sliding doors and windows problems. With this intention, we are serving the Fort Lauderdale and the entire South Florida area.

Under those circumstances, we are your best source to repair any type of sliding door you may have at your home. This includes; sliding glass door, pocket door, closet door, impact door and windows, bi-fold door, and more.

Contact Sliding Doors Repair service at Smooth Sliders. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, as well as a smooth sliding door with no any struggle.