Smooth Sliders is a family owned sliding door & windows repair services, serving South Florida for over a decade.

Smooth sliders is a family run business that has been serving Tri-County area: Broward, West Palm Beach, and Dade County since 2007. From the very first call, we will provide you with excellent customer service, and quality products. We have spent the past years perfecting both repair and replacement options. We have weeded out the items that cause you grief and we stand behind the ones that will bring a smile to your face.

We specialize in repair replacement and reconditioning of sliding door and windows regular and impact. We have a mobile services team that comes to your house, diagnose the problem and in most cases, we can fix it on the spot. We only use the best quality rollers and tracks; we carry rollers for all door make and models. Our extensive mobile hardware inventory of original equipment manufacturers replacement parts. We provide cost-effective solutions for eliminating your sliding door problems.

About the Company

We have been serving the Fort Lauderdale area for over 10 years, repairing; sliding doors, windows, Patio doors, Pocket doors (closet doors that slide into the wall), Shower doors, Bi-fold doors, Closet doors, Accordion doors, Pet doors, Screen doors, sliding glass doors, foldable doors, tracks, latch, handles, locks, broken glass, slider wheels, shower doors, impact doors and impact windows and many more.

We can repair or replace any type of issue you might have with your sliding doors, windows and the items mentioned above. Leave the worry to us. We have spent the past years perfecting both repair and replacement options. We have weeded out the methods and items that don’t work and perfected the best methods to repair or replace your sliding doors or windows, we want to leave you with the best result as we know that a huge part of our business is our customers, your referral means everything to us and we will make sure you keep giving our contact to your friends and family.


Serving South Florida est. 2007

From the very first call, we are here for you and will provide you with excellent customer service, quality products and the highest quality of work. If you need your sliding glass door repaired or any repair that might cause you to an inconvenience when you open, close or lock your windows, sliding doors or locks don’t hesitate to call smooth sliders for help! We are here to help you with your sliding doors and windows, equipped with all the necessary tools and parts you might need.

Our Sliding Door Repair services is your best choice for repair or replacement of all your sliding doors and windows. We provide cost effective solutions for our services. We have been serving the Fort Lauderdale area for over 10 years with supreme customer service an the highest quality of work done.

Your Local Sliding Doors Repair Company is here to take your request any time you need us, Call Us or leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We can meet your needs with impeccable service and high quality materials. Our staff is committed to excellent craftsmanship, creative ideas, and on-the-job cleanliness.

Our complete mobile service will come to your house, identify the problem, and offer you a free estimate. In most cases, we can fix your sliding door on the spot.


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