Track Repair

Sliding Door Track Repair

Do you need two hands to open and close your sliding door?

sliding door track repair

Sliding door track repair is time and muscle consumed. In most cases, sliding doors are big and heavy. Smooth Sliders Team can handle this task for you whether we need to replace the tracks of a patio sliding door, closet / bi-fold door, or a pocket door.

Depends on the symptoms your door exhibits, it can be a problem of rollers, or tracks. If a track has waives, or bent, because of worn out rollers, this track has to be replaced. We install a stainless steel brand new tracks to all sliding doors brands and names.

Stop struggling your sliding door, let us take care of it for you. Stop fighting your sliding door, we will manage the war for you. You can rest assure that after working on your door, you will slide it with a single finger.

Replacing sliding door tracks is not an easy task. Sliding doors are very heavy doors, and the structure can be vulnerable. Let the professionals of Smooth Sliders to handle all your sliding door problems.

Our expert team will take the door off the tracks, clean clean the track space, renew or replace the old track, lubricant and align it, so your sliding door become like new.

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