Lock Repair

Sliding Door Lock Repair / Handle Replace

Are you not able to lock your sliding patio door?

sliding door lock repair

Do you need to put a side bar to lock your sliding door?

Sliding doors very often needs handle, lock, and door mechanism repair service. Because sliding patio doors are used a lot, it’s common the locks to occasionally jam or break. In general, a sliding have few type of services.

These locks are important for keeping your patio doors secured.

We can help!

Don’t put your safety at risk by not having your sliding door lock working properly. Smooth Sliders technician can easily repair or replace handle, lock, and hook bolt locking mechanism. We can install or repair all lock types of all sliding door brands and models.

Our mobile technicians are fast, reliable and professional. They have all the equipment they need to install or repair your locks quickly & correctly.

It’s important that you replace yours lock if it’s not locking your sliding door. While you might thinking you need to replace your lock, it’s possible you just need to replace the hook bolt mechanism.

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